October 5, 2022


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'Westworld' Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: 'Welcome to the Golden Age'

‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: ‘Welcome to the Golden Age’


Caution: Main spoilers for Westworld coming in three, two…

Westworld season 4 returned with a next episode on Sunday, serving up bold murders, human examination subjects, more puzzling references to a “tower” and a new Delos theme park. One a lot more epic revelation? Human William is still in the land of the dwelling. 

Here is a handy summary of what went down in this week’s info-packed edition of Westworld. There will be eight episodes in this period of HBO’s mind-bending sci-fi collection, this means we have 6 additional months to make feeling out of all the insanity. (I am trying to connect the points on my conspiracy board as we speak.) Allows fit up and get into it.

Increasing Hale

Dim Charlotte Hale has entered the chat. Charlores, the version of Hale outfitted with a duplicate of Delores’ thoughts, is back again, and she’s masterminding some kind of program. We very much understood this currently — the end credits of very last year showed Hale creating hosts and unveiled a variation of William who answers to her — but episode 2 will get Maeve and Caleb up to speed on Charlores’ involvement. It turns out team Hale changed California Senator Ken Whitney and his wife, Anastasia, with host versions, killing the real senator and assigning a different gruesome fate to Anastasia. Another expose: the host model of Ken Whitney, who calls himself “an emissary of the new planet buy,” claims there are 249 other people like him.


I am not digging the soulless William duplicate doing work for Chalores… #NotmyWilliam.


Workforce Hale’s subduing of superior-profile persons isn’t going to quit with Whitney. Later in episode 2, the vice president convenes with host William at a golfing study course. Their conversation is cryptic, but it looks like William is attempting to get his park business enterprise heading again just after the Westworld massacre, and the VP is just not jazzed about the thought. (It looks Hale killed and changed the senator since of a identical obstinance.) Following sinking one-much too-numerous eerily spot-on golf shots, scaring the VP, William whacks him with a golfing club. 

Jim Navarro, the deputy assistant legal professional general for counterterrorism, also tries (unsuccessfully) to interfere with Delos. Staff Chalores zip-ties him in a car, and Chalores introduces herself as the man or woman managing the exhibit. She suggests she’s scheduling anything for his form, but it can be not to switch all people with hosts. She leaves him, and we see a fly crawl into his eye.

A speedy reminder — in case you have to have it — of what flipped the villain swap for Chalores: In period 3, Chalores dropped human Charlotte’s son and spouse in a fiery motor vehicle explosion prompted by period antagonist Engerraund Serac (Delores is also kind of inadvertently to blame for their deaths). Chalores is in the motor vehicle as well, but survives. She at present shows scars from the incident on her arm, and in the season 3 finale, she tells human William it’s because she wishes “to recall who the fuck you people are.”

Human check topics

Chalores’ entourage would not destroy true Anastasia (Senator Whitney’s wife) on the spot, but her fate is arguably even worse. Chalores claims Anastasia is the “fantastic prospect” for a new experiment Chalores is investigating. Some time later, Caleb and Maeve appear throughout Anastasia in a barn… and she’s slashed up a bunch of weak horses. She lunges at Caleb, forcing Maeve to shoot her. Her altered psychological state kind of reminds me of what transpired to the man from the cartel-like firm previous episode. We did not see any flies all over her this time, but I wouldn’t be astonished if they are tied to her creepy zombification?


The Peter secret deepens this episode.


What is ‘the tower’?

On her commute to work, Christina on a regular basis sees a guy on the street ranting about a “tower.” In Sunday’s episode, the man claims a “song with no audio” is coming from the tower, and that no a person can hear the “audio” but him and the birds. Christina moves on, but subsequently sees an abnormal swarm of useless birds on the floor outside of her business office. 

Startled, Christina skips work and pays a visit to the Hope Heart for Health and fitness, a clinic Peter’s obituary says he donated to following his dying (a reminder: Peter is the persistent caller who reported Christina wrote him into a activity and then jumped off a making). Perplexingly, she finds the location closed down a long time in the past. Although inside the deserted clinic, she sees drawings of a tower on a wall. 

In final week’s episode, Peter also mentions a “tower” when confronting Christina before his dying (he states he appreciates the two Christina and “the tower” are serious). Time to start out operating on your theories if you haven’t already. 

William is alive!

What a reveal. William — who got his throat slit by host William in the article-credits of previous period — is miraculously even now alive. But must we really be surprised at this stage? Characters on this present resurrect like no other. 

I’m happy to see him. Real William is unquestionably flawed, but his “dying” past period was unsatisfying. Observing host William this period as a soulless, pure-bred villain also made me miss the authentic matter. 

Oh yeah, let’s converse about the scene. Chalores wakes human William up from a cryosleep and tells him she’s trying to keep him all over “to be the loser.” She also provides additional context to what she explained to Navarro from the Justice Section about her ideas. She says humans “produced a sport out of looking us, so I experienced to lower off your paws — make positive you men and women would never ever be ready to damage us once again.” The flies, the zombified people, and now this — it confident appears to be like Hale’s program is coming into concentrate. 


Caleb has under no circumstances been to a Delos park. 


The roaring ’20s

This episode places Maeve and Caleb on a prepare headed for Delos’ latest attraction, a topic park established in the ’20s. (A hint is in a little something host William states, “150 a long time ago,” the globe came “roaring” again soon after war). William welcomes us to “the Golden Age,” and Maeve and Caleb stroll out into a town bustling with brilliant lights and previous-timey autos. 

Stray feelings

  • I’m taking pleasure in the Maleb scenes.
  • Chalores’ new hosts are sturdy. Maeve and Caleb struggle to acquire them down. 
  • Christina’s boss monitoring her place when she didn’t flip up at perform — she requires to hightail it out of there. We know Delores would not jibe with that variety of surveillance. 
  • I dropped it at Host William golfing in head-to-toe black. 
  • This episode confirms that Christina wrote a online video video game character with an eerily identical life tale to Peter’s. 
  • The deaths of the Senator and his wife… actually grim stuff.
  • Even now no signal of Bernard. At the conclusion of last year, he accessed the Chic/Valley Over and above, the spot wherever Maeve’s daughter and other hosts exist. Here’s additional on that and anything else that occurred in period 3 of Westworld. 


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