December 7, 2022


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The ‘Starbucks Cup-Size Scam’ Video Is an Old Internet Prank

All sizes of Starbucks’ paper cups hold the very same amount of liquid.

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Starbucks’ coffeehouses provide beverages in a selection of measurements working with its trademark paper cups, like the well-known “tall” (12-ounces), “grande” (16-ounce), and “venti” (20-ounce) measurements. But according to a preferred web rumor, Starbucks is scamming its shoppers with this procedure, due to the fact, supposedly, all of its to-go cups hold the very same quantity of liquid.

In May perhaps 2022, a online video went viral on Facebook that supposedly showed a man or woman pouring coffee from a person cup (A) into a different one that appeared bigger (B). Although 1 would assume the contents of the smaller cup (A) to only partly fill up the greater cup (B), the movie appeared to show that the exact same amount of espresso loaded equally cups to the brim.

This online video was deceptively edited. The a variety of cup measurements at Starbucks do not hold the exact amount of liquid.

While we’re not fully sure how the video clip earlier mentioned was designed — our ideal guess is that the much larger cup (B) had a fake base to consider up some quantity house — we can say for sure that this video does not correctly represent the volume of liquid in two distinctive sized Starbucks cups. How? Very well, this isn’t the initially time we have observed someone claim that distinctive sized cups hold identical quantities of liquid.

This movie is just the most recent iteration of an online prank that has been heading close to due to the fact at minimum 2016. We first debunked the prank in 2020, soon after a movie went viral on TikTok that supposedly showed how the tiny, medium, and massive cup sizes at McDonald’s maintain the very same quantity of liquid. In 2017, yet another version of the prank centered on the Jack in the Box cafe chain.

These videos do not display any type of “scam,” or verify that distinctive sized cups at fast-food stuff eating places or Starbucks basically have the exact same total of liquid. These films in fact use tricks (some cups may be pre-stuffed with liquid) or misleading digital camera approaches (cups may be switched when they are moved out of frame) to make it look as nevertheless buyers are receiving the exact amount of money of liquid, no make any difference what dimensions of cup they get.

In 2018, for case in point, a YouTuber did this “experiment” using plastic Starbucks cups that the coffee chain utilizes for its cold drinks.

In May well 2022, right after this rumor went viral once again, yet another set of YouTubers took it upon themselves to look into. Yet again, they found — unsurprisingly — that unique cup dimensions held distinctive amounts of liquid.

Back again in 2016, the YouTube website page “As Seen on Social Media” also debunked the prank. That video clip targeted on McDonald’s cups, not Starbucks’.

The “Starbucks cup-dimension scam” does not show that tall, grande, and venti Starbucks cups all hold the same amount of money of liquid. This is an old world wide web prank that works by using tips and misleading enhancing.


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