Lauren B.

  • Wow, most delicious chicken tinga taco I've ever had. The horchata was also delightful. The shop is small and can accommodate at most a table of 6.

Molly H.

The best Mexican food I've had outside of Mexico City. One of the best breakfasts in Mount Pleasant, and an incredible all-around Oaxacan Restaurant.

The food: The Chili Rellenos, Chicken with Mole Sauce, and Diablo Chipotle Shrimp are huge highlights from the entree section. The tamales are handmade in the back, the quesadillas - especially the squash blossom - are standouts. The tacos are on par with the best in DC.

Karen T.

  • They catered a retirement party for us and they were wonderful. A lot of people who came to our party used them for their own parties. 
  • The food was good, the service was great. There were two people who took care of all the stuff and refilled everything. They kept the food and drinks flowing and picked up cups. 
  • They did a great job. I would use them again.

Emily K.

  • Sooo good. Also super nice
  • GrubHub via Yelp messed up and didn't deliver half my order. I called them and they canceled that part of the order, so I received a refund.
  • It also has really good portions so I didn't go hungry.

Shelley R.

  • Excellent customer service for group-order catering, great food.
    I had to order tacos for my office of 18 people. I tried to schedule an order for Taqueria Los Compadres through a delivery service for a Monday. 
  • It said they were closed on Mondays, so I tried calling the restaurant to see if they would do catering, and they said it was no problem. 
  • Nelly made everything really easy, I sent her a list of what everyone wanted with their names and she sent me a receipt to confirm. She drove the food to our office and showed up promptly at noon with all of our food in containers labeled with each person's name (her idea). food was great and ordering with her was so much easier and faster than it would have been through a delivery service. 
  • Nothing was missing and everyone loved the food.


  • Wow! Staff were very friendly and kind, food was great and arrived lightning-fast, and the space was intimate, warm, and welcoming on a dreary day. I look forward to coming back very soon!