May 11, 2021


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Self Defense Tips For Men and Women

Self Defense Tips For Men and Women

Self Defense Tips For Men and Women

As someone who has trained in Judo, Karate, and Tae Kwondo, I used to believe that my form, sparring techniques, skill, and traditional weapons were enough to save me if I got into a bad situation. It was when I had to confront an opponent who had managed to stab me five times and almost bring me down even though I had shot him twice that I finally understood how complacent I had become. Fortunately, I lived to see another day.

This experience led me to take up boabom self defense training and specialize in several self-defense training courses. Even so, when I walk the streets alone at night, I always look behind me, carry a weapon, and keep my ears tuned to a footfall or a breath.

Some of the essential self-defense tactics for men and women include:

Be Alert 

It is amazing how a little training can fool people into believing that they are immortal. It is this complacency that brings about their downfall in the first place. Regardless of where you are, always be prepared for the worst. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to danger. Many victims have confessed that they had some prior knowledge/hunch about trouble but refused to take heed on time.

Be confident

If you already have some self-defense training, you need to know how to play mind games with your opponent. If you cringe and cry, your opponent is only going to get madder and uglier. Instead, appear calm and make them second-guess your actions. Put them on the defensive.

Carry your self-defense items

It might seem silly, but it’s better to always bring with a bottle of pepper spray. If you are alone and suspect that someone may be following you, this simple precaution can help you get away without any injury or risk. It also pays to carry some other kinds of weapons with you, depending on your training and skill. Remember, a gun may come handy but is useful only if you have enough time to retrieve it and use it before your opponent. So you can either purchase firearms & tactical equipment or hire a 24-hour trained bodyguard to defend you.

Train according to your needs

Men and women have different training needs. So, if you are a woman, take it for granted that your assailant will be more substantial than you. Be prepared to train with weight and cardio. If you are physically healthy, overpowering a man becomes easier.

Don’t play fair

Most people who undergo self-defense training are taught repeatedly that if and when the situation arises, they must be prepared to fight until they win. There is little point in trying to play fair. Never turn your back on an injured assailant. Also, never rejoice over the man you just felled. For all you know, he may be acting or taking a breather.

The best self-defense tactics that any pro can offer you is to have the commonsense to be safe. Do not walk alone at night. If you’re on the road, keep a weapon ready, roll up the glass, and not stop if you feel that there is something fishy. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, even if proper self-defense tactics can wriggle out of the situation.