October 3, 2022


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Rochester senior loses $33K in computer, Bitcoin scam


The woman identified as the number and was related to a scammer pretending to be a Microsoft employee, who advised her the pc was currently being hacked and her lender accounts had been in threat.

The initial scammer referred her to a 2nd scammer, who claimed to be aspect of Microsoft’s fraud division.

That scammer instructed the girl to withdraw all the money from the bank accounts she accessed with the laptop, transfer them into Bitcoin, and deliver the dollars to him.

He explained the dollars would be returned to her accounts when Microsoft had repaired the problems completed by the hacking attempt.

The lady withdrew $33,000 from her bank, used multiple Bitcoin devices in the region to exchange the dollars, and despatched it to the scammers.

Some time afterwards, the lady understood she experienced fallen target to the web rip-off.

Moilanen said the scammers experienced asked the woman for a photo of her driver’s license and other particular information, which is widespread in online scams.

An particular person inquiring for a image of a driver’s license should really be a pink flag, he explained.

“I won’t be able to imagine of any legitimate cause that anyone would be inquiring you to choose a photograph of their driver’s license in these matters,” Moilanen reported.


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