October 3, 2022


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Dish Blasts SpaceX Claim That New 5G Band Would Interfere With Starlink Internet


As the Federal Communications Commission decides irrespective of whether the 12 GHz sign spectrum — at present made use of to beam down satellite Television as very well as world wide web from SpaceX’s Starlink provider — ought to be opened up to floor-centered 5G assistance, burgeoning telecom Dish has pushed back on SpaceX’s claim that its satellite world wide web would be disrupted need to the spectrum be utilized for 5G.

Dish and SpaceX have clashed around the challenge since the FCC commenced accepting comments on opening 12 GHz to 5G back in January 2021. In the most up-to-date bout, SpaceX submitted a report to the FCC in June declaring Starlink customers would see total provider outages 74% of the time if 5G end users shared the 12 GHz spectrum. On Thursday, Dish and other folks in the 5G for 12 GHz coalition responded, pushed again, criticizing the report’s methodology and hypothetical circumstance SpaceX made use of to arrive at its outcomes. Dish reiterated that Starlink and floor-dependent 5G can function collectively. 

“The only independent engineering analysis demonstrates that co-existence is eminently probable between satellite and 5G functions. Starlink wants to entirely sideline 500 MHz of vital mid-band spectrum from becoming employed for 5G,” a Dish spokesperson explained in a statement to CNET.

Dish owns a 500 MHz slice of the 12 GHz spectrum, which is utilized for satellite Tv service. Starting in 2016, the firm begun urgent the FCC to make it possible for it to be applied for 5G communications as Dish explored ways to provide cellphone company. Then in 2020, Dish absorbed cellular spectrum to come to be the fourth important US telecom as aspect of a sophisticated offer enabling the merger of T-Cell and Sprint. Even though Dish has bought a lot more 5G spectrum licenses in the yrs since, it truly is sought to capitalize on the 12 GHz spectrum it currently owns. 

SpaceX depends on the 12 GHz spectrum to supply world wide web from its more than 2,400 Starlink satellites operating in orbit to all-around 400,000 subscribers worldwide. The organization urged its buyers to oppose opening up the 12 GHz spectrum to 5G, and in excess of 70,000 of them left opinions on the FCC’s site to guard their satellite world wide web company, in accordance to PCMag. 

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