September 20, 2021


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Cryptme Review 2021 – What distinguishes this broker from the others? (

We have been reading in our history textbooks since forever that trade was all about...

We have been reading in our history textbooks since forever that trade was all about barter in ancient times. Gradually the needs of people evolved rendering the prevalent trade system inefficient. Despite the inability of the trading form to fulfil needs and satisfy nobody was ready to give up on it and search for other more efficient and fulfilling alternatives. In fact, people were ready to diversify the trading to make it suitable for contemporary needs. This approach is being used to date. After hundreds and thousands of years, trade has changed several shapes and taken a number of new innovative forms but the basic trade structure stands firm. 

Today’s era is all about digitalization. You can’t name a lot of areas that have to join hands with the wave of digitization and improve themselves to cater to the new needs of people. Financing and trading, like any other profession, have also experienced the wave and as a result, we see new products rolling out. One very important discovery was Cryptocurrencies. I will not disagree with the fact that in 2009 when Bitcoin, the first-ever Crypto, came out, no one was willing to buy what the creators said in terms of its inevitable popularity in the near future. This lack of trust in the new digital token was not only because of the newness of the concept but also because of the lack of any regulation and the high degree of anonymity. 

However, with the passage of time, we saw Bitcoin hitting unprecedented heights of success and as a result, many other tokens came running after it into the market. Although the success of Bitcoin made a lot of people think all those would be equally popular, to their surprise they reached nowhere near Bitcoin. There were a number of factors which played their part in this regard which we can leave for some other day. 

I was growing up with Crypto fever so anyone living in that time wanted to know more about digital tokens. Looking at the promising nature, I and many of my fellow traders were attracted towards it and heavily invested. Soon the need for Crypto exchanges was felt and just then we saw many in the market. Up till this point, things were going pretty smooth. The real twist came in with fake crypto exchanges which recklessly looted young and immature exchangers without giving a second thought. All sorts of traders were trapped and exploited. I was one of them. In fact, I have been manipulated multiple times. I cannot forget my hard-earned dollars which went straight down the drain but now I think the loss benefited me in several ways. 

Yes, it did. Being this close to fake firms lets you observe how they work and that’s why now I am an expert at pointing them out. This also lets me comparatively analyze different firms and devise ways to stay away from them. Although the initial part of the journey has been quite disappointing for me, ever since I have found Cryptme, I have sort of moved on.

This is only because the firm has opened up new avenues for me to explore and I am too happy to think of all the harsh patches. Cryptme me is not my flawless exchanger but I am satisfied with the way it works. Like I have already said it has some flaws which need to be worked on but I like how all the important areas such as security, customer support, order execution are up to the mark. In the review below, I will be highlighting some important pros and cons that you should be knowing before signing up for the firm formally. Let me make it clear that my experience and yours may or may not be the same so the responsibility to figure out if the firm will be good for you or not lies on your shoulders. 


  • Secure

All exchangers unanimously agree that security falls before anything. There is no point in using state of the art tools and a wide variety of trading options if you don’t have a safe and sound working environment. Even if you earn millions of dollars a day, how will it be of any benefit if you lose it in a moment? You have to make sure that your firm has foolproof security and is ready to make no compromises no matter what situation it falls into. Fortunately enough, I have found Cryptme great at this. The platform is highly secure and the firm keeps working towards making it even better. A safe and secure working environment, like the one provided here, is all a wise trader can ask for. 

  • User Interface 

If you are into a business that runs online and your phones and laptops are your new offices, should not you be checking for the efficiency of the website? I feel like this is another factor that all exchangers need to take into account if they want to mark themselves as safe from any added future inconveniences. This is why while researching I thoroughly saw if the website had a superior user interface. I don’t want to go into details of that because you yourself can visit the website and observe easily but I would like to say that I have found the website great. Although there are some minor issues like we don’t have any date bar which keeps us updated about time zone differences and more videos could also be added to make it even more engaging but in totality, I’d say I have found it highly beginner and user-friendly. 

  • Practices KYC protocols

KYC or know your client protocol requires the firms to work towards knowing more about the customer in a more technical manner. This is usually done by verifying the provided identity-related information of the customers. If a firm practices KYC protocols this is a clear indicator of the firm being competent because this way they are putting in the effort to avoid the occurrence of mal activities such as money laundering, fraud, corruption and terrorist organizations funding. If these protocols are implemented the right way then the firm successfully stops the misuse of its services. Here at Cryptme, you can scroll to the bottom of the page. There in the Legal section, you’ll find KYC. I recommend that you go through all those documents at least twice. 

  • Supports IOS and Android

The exchange should be easily accessible so that traders don’t have to wait to make deals. To ensure this the website has been made available for use on both IOS and android. Not to mention how they made it available on multiple devices earlier. I feel like such steps show the concern of the firm towards its customer body. 


Now let’s have a quick look at the cons of the exchange firm. 

  • Supports a small number of coins

Like we talked about earlier how many Cryptocurrencies are available in the market now. People are showing increasing interest in all of them, not only Bitcoin. So a good firm would let its users make use of many different types of cryptos. Although this firm supports the three mainstream currencies which are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin I feel like more should be added soon. I was once told that the currencies which have access to the blockchain are considered reliable and hence only they are found on reputable firms but we have more Cryptocurrencies that have access apart from these two so I am eagerly waiting to find them in the dropdown. I would also like to mention that currently, the website supports five Fiat currencies. Although this is a good number, it should not be considered enough.

  • Payment options need to be diversified

If you go to the bottom of the landing page again, you’ll find three payment options there which are Maestro, Mastercard and Bankwire. This is great for me and many other traders who use any of these three but we have a lot of them who are more comfortable with other options like PayPal. I feel like three isn’t a number enough for a firm like Cryptme which has a worldwide clientele. I hope they add up more options to this small list and make trading even easier.

Concluding Remarks

I have been using the platform Cryptme for a long time now and I feel like only Cryptme could get me back my lost motivation and confidence. When I first signed up I was sure if the choice was worth it but with the passage of time, the broker won my heart and my trust. Now I keep telling anyone who asks for advice to look into this firm because I have an idea how it holds all the power to turn the tables for you all. A good company can no doubt change the entire trading experience for you. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.