July 26, 2021


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Best Android Mobile App Development Companies for Small Businesses:

Introduction: With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing its raging nature, the dramatic spike of the mobile...


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing its raging nature, the dramatic spike of the mobile app development scene continues to grow at a steady rate. But why is this trend on the rise? What edges do mobile apps give that other don’t? Are mobile apps indeed better than desktop applications?

Let’s try to find out some of the pertinent questions. 

Why Is an Android Mobile App Development Company Enjoying a Windfall In 2021?

  • The pandemic, remote work, distant collaboration, and virtualization created the need for apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Workspace, and constant integration and delivery using the cloud structure. Without a mobile app, workers and employees who commute to their workplace from the remotest parts of the country and lack basic amenities would have never been possible.
  • With the advent of the novel Coronavirus, people lacked the know-how of the viral strain that further increased the viral transmission, scare, and panic for months and years. A lot of disruptive technology used by a leading android mobile app development company has been able to provide the news, status, and various other information that helped people steadily cope with the virus. As a result, many leading organizations opened a separate wing of their own that dealt with mobile app development. 
  • With the looming nature of the pandemic refusing to slow down and the advent of multiple viral strains in 2021, the need for virtual workspace, distant collaboration to achieve organizational demands, as well as remote education, and media streaming are still there. As a result, some of the android tablet app development services arestill encountering a growth spurt. 
  • The silver lining amongst all these is the vaccination and inoculation procedures that have started worldwide. Although there are questions over IP rights and technology transfer, almost every android wear app development company is coming with a built-in tracker for registering, successful inoculation, and every other kind of monitoring issue that helps understand the problems of the communities and even understand what percentage has been vaccinated. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need Android Mobile App Development More Than Ever?

With every SMB and even bootstrapped or funded startup trying to go digital and create an online presence for themselves, a website and a web/mobile application are a must. A mobile application makes all the more sense for these companies because their target audience is always on the move, with more than 53% of the traffic actually browsing the internet on the go! Hence, small businesses that need to showcase their products and grab the attention of their target audience within a brief period should create user-friendly mobile applications that are lucrative, have a superb UI/UX design, are mobile-responsive, and can furnish all the information and data to the interested parties. 

With several android mobile app development companyvariants on the scene predicting the future and how they will combat the unseen, disruptive technologies are on the rise. It is creating path-breaking developments in the future. The year 2021 has been touted as the ‘year of the customers’, and according to the industry experts, this era of the customers will continue till the unforeseen future. Thus, every small and medium-sized company and local businesses need to promote their products and services more and create awareness about their brands, make a brand recognition amongst their target audience that stays through the use of bespoke android and other native mobile applications, and by getting rid of brick-and-mortar stores for publicity. 

Market Research Statistics of The Global Android App Development:

Though industry leaders, researchers, and pundits had claimed that the android app development market had been growing at a CAGR of 14% in 2016 and was estimated to rise to a USD 100 billion industry within the forecast period of 2022, it has surpassed all those growth trends. The key drivers behind this remarkable spurt are:

  • The quickest growing worldwide markets for bespoke android apps 
  • Constant penetration and the rise of modern smartphones and mobile devices, along with the ever-increasing global internet 
  • Adoption of the android app development technology by players irrespective of magnitude- from startups to small and medium enterprises and large corporations. 

Best Android Mobile Development Companies for Small Businesses:

Now that we have had a comprehensive idea about the scenario let us discuss some of the best android mobile development companies that significantly influence this growth of small and medium enterprises. 

  • EBS Integrator:

With their state-of-the-art services that comprise a full-cycle development approach for full-packaged products, application refactoring, minimum viable products (MVPs), and even software redesign services, they have established themselves as one of the go-to companies for android tablet app development services. 

  • Cloudifyapps:

Though nascent compared to its market competitors, its top-of-the-line products and a talented pool of web and android app developers make it a renowned android app development company with headquarters in Kolkata yet catering to global businesses; that you can trust with your eyes closed. 

  • Builder ai:

Harnessing the power of AI and ML and creating a name for itself being an android app development company,Builder ai focuses on the tools and trends that are up-to-date and user-friendly, providing no-code automation for people without any development experience to build the mobile applications that serve their small business needs. 

  • KonstantInfosolutions:

Known in the world for giving rise to excellent, compatible, and user-friendly avant-garde digital experiences that serve companies of various magnitude across the globe, Konstant is constantly leveraging the IoT, enterprise mobility, cloud, and mobile solutions that exceed their customers’ expectations when they are building a mobile app and securing their position as a top-class android wear app development company. 

  • Chop Dawg:

It is the name that small and local businesses have preferred for being an affordable android app development companythat has helped launch startups, non-profits, solopreneurs, first-time entrepreneurs, and more than 350 other SMBs across the world. 

With this know-how, we believe that you can approach your organizational goals carefully and choose the best android mobile app development company that suits your needs.