May 22, 2022


Melts In Your Technology

Balance is key with technology [letter] | Letters To The Editor

Technology is something everyone uses for many reasons. While technology is a good thing, it also has negative effects.

Technology can tear us away from our family and make us have an unhealthy life balance. If we are on our phones or computers for too long, it takes time away from family time and memories we could be making.

Spending a lot of time with technology can take away from important things like work or chores. One way we can balance this is by setting timers for each app. In your phone, you can go into settings and put a limit on how many hours or minutes you want to spend on each app. This can free up some extra time for chores or family or even just relaxing away from technology.

Technology can really affect mental health, too. Think about this: Many people only share the positives in life on social media. This could make others think that person has a better life than them. On social media, it is also easy to edit photos to make yourself look better. From personal experience and other experiences I’ve heard from friends, this makes people feel insecure. It is important to remember that social media are essentially a fake version of real life.

Balance is key when it comes to social media and technology. Time is something we don’t have a lot of. We need to spend as much time as we can with family and friends. It is also important to focus on mental health and take time to do that.

Morgan Davis


Grade 9

Solanco High School