September 20, 2021


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Ashford Capital Investments Review: My Experience With Ashford Capital Investments Platform (

Ashford Capital Investments is a financial services company that provides investors with decent and professional...

Ashford Capital Investments is a financial services company that provides investors with decent and professional investment alternatives to manage their finances.

I have been an investor at Ashford for more than 8 months, and my experience has been amazing. I am glad to write this review, provided that I can help the members by sharing what I think about the platform. At first, as I was reading its website, I thought that it would be like most of the scam investment websites out there. Heck! In fact, sometimes I still do think so given the way they advertise and promote their products.

I read all the possible information about them before creating an account on the platform. I aim to find out if what they say was true. I completely understand that one cannot place trust in the assets recommended by any company unless they have actually used it in some way or another.

The good thing is that I managed to contact them through their contact us page and ask for more information about its products: specifically, why I should use Ashford Capital Investments as my investment solution?

Below are the reasons I found from their website and other sources:

  1. It is user-friendly (easy to use).
  2. The website is not complex and features a user-friendly dashboard for its members.
  3. Unlike other platforms out there, they offer quick payments that take several days (more than one week) to send your money to your account after you request withdrawal of your capital or profits.
  4. You will not be required to download anything. You will actually get your payment directly on your account.
  5. The minimum deposit amount is 250+ Euros. This is a standard requirement of most online investment platforms out there (investment websites).

The platform gives the information and provides tools that enable the investors to trade in stocks. It also helps them by providing tips, analysis, and other important things to help them make their investment decisions. The investors can then use its trading platforms to analyze stock market trends further and use its automated systems to complete trades easily. It provides a great facility for the investors to trade in stocks using different modes like buying and selling, etc., to make their investment decisions confidently.


I was only required to pay certain minimum amounts when they register on this platform. This amount keeps changing with respect to the time and market conditions based on the market condition.

Contact details:

The website is easy to navigate, so it would be possible for me to contact them easily if any problem occurs. Their contact information includes email id, phone number, and live chat. They can also send an inquiry through the webmail option available on their site. The address of the company is given on the site.

Trading tools:

The trading tools provide a platform for live trading by enabling the use of charts and quotes. It helps me get information about different instruments, prices, trends, etc., which are essential to making an investment decision. The chart highlights important events with respect to the price of an instrument so that I can decide how to proceed. It also shows important inflection points on the price graph of an instrument so that I can decide where it is best to enter or leave a trade based on these signals.

Trading Platform:

This platform and its trading tools help me make better investment decisions by providing information about different instruments like the company’s profile, rating, etc. and providing facilities required to carry out quantitative analysis of a stock. They use this tool to identify worthwhile investments from among thousands of stocks by applying certain criteria.

I liked the user interface but didn’t like the color scheme. I feel that they need to make it more on the lighter side and easier on the eyes.

I liked their trading platform because it does not require any downloads and is easy to use. The stock quotes are easily accessible, thus making it possible for me to make better investment decisions based on current market conditions. This way, I can also easily understand the prices of these instruments.

I also like their charts and quotes because they are displayed in real-time. These allow me to keep a check on the current market situation so that I can make informed investment decisions based on these trends. They provide detailed information about each stock and its price movements, thus enabling me to make better-informed decisions.

They have over 200+ Assets but very few Indices or FUTURE. There are only some 3-6 indices available, though having shown good gains in the last 12 months. I feel more Indices may be added to the list of investments, and FUTURE would have been a better option where trading could be done without any restrictions on liquidation or margin calls, etc.

Positive aspects:

It helps me get relevant information and make better investment decisions with respect to unique trading platforms provided by this platform. It provides an in-depth analysis of stocks, currencies, and futures so that I can make the right choices while investing. The tools used for trading are easy to use, which makes my job easier than doing things manually to complete my work faster than before. It gives useful training programs to help with the effective use of its software tools to understand how they help make investments easily and quickly.

Negative aspects:

This platform has provided me with many tools that help me make my trade decisions better, and I can enter the market fast. But their trading platform is not user-friendly or simple, so they need to improve it as some clients can face problems using it since it may be complicated for them. However, this platform provides necessary eBooks, though these are good enough for new traders but they need improve this for advanced traders as well because one needs more formal technical knowledge of stocks and finance to understand what happens in the stock market.

Customer Service:

I am happy with their customer service. They are always available promptly and help me solve my problems or questions very fast. With their trading platform, I can trade stocks efficiently, and they also provide various training programs to make me understand the usage of this software better. They offer different ways to reach them through live chat, phone, email, etc., so that I can contact them easily.

My experience with a live chat facility was decent. They don’t offer customer service on weekends which is understandable, but when I asked a question on Sunday in the late evening, it took them only a few minutes to get back to me.

This platform is useful for trading stocks online in real-time. It helps me make my investment decisions quickly as it provides a great facility to trade in the stock market using its innovative software tools.

Education Material:

Ashford Capital Investments provides easy to understand step by step guide for those who are new and investing online for the first time. They have designed it so that one can easily read and understand it so that they don’t get confused or do not face problems while using this software. The articles on the site are written to keep beginners’ perspectives in mind to understand every detail clearly. They offer a blog section where anyone interested can read articles and get information about various topics relevant to stock trading and investments and technical analysis.

The education material provided on this platform helps me improve my understanding of the stock market so that I can make better investment decisions easily. The course taught online is really helpful and easy to understand. I have learned many things from it which would help me in making better investment decisions. Every section covered here talks about important details like how one should handle risk while investing, technical analysis, the various aspects of trading, etc.

The education material provided by this platform provides a lot of information about stock trading and investments so that I can make better investment decisions. It also provides different articles on topics relevant to the stock market like technical analysis, risk management, etc., which helps me understand how it works.

This platform provides up-to-date information about the stock market, which is useful for anyone who is trading stocks online. It offers free videos on stock market trends and tips, currency trading, etc. I can also read articles on different topics relevant to the stock market, like using technical analysis to make investment decisions easily. They even offer several training programs on using this online platform, and I can learn more about it.

Charts and Tools:

Ashford Capital Investments offers several tools and charts to help me make better investment decisions. I can customize my watch list to keep track of all the stocks that interest me easily. It also helps me get alerts about a stock price change if any change happens in its value or volume. This gives me real-time information about the stock market and updates about the stocks I invested in.

The charts provided on this platform help me monitor the stock market trends easily. They show a detailed breakdown of the stock price, volume, etc. It gives me real-time information about what is happening to a particular stock as soon as any change happens. This helps me make better investment decisions by keeping track of the markets, country, and international stock trends.


From all this information, it is clear that the Ashford Capital Investments Platform is one of the finest investment platforms I have ever seen due to its excellent features like live charts. It helps in making effective decisions based on accurate data so that one can trade financial instruments successfully. I was always looking for a diverse platform and I found almost everything within Ashford Capital Investments

Happy Trading!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.