April 14, 2021


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7 Insightful Tips To Boost Your PPC Service Super Effective

The scope and powers of Google PPC services have changed exponentially from the last few...

The scope and powers of Google PPC services have changed exponentially from the last few years and is even expected to grow further in the coming years. It started off as a simple concept of marketing your offerings on the world’s biggest search engine of Google. 

In today’s modern age the concept of Google Adwords has become quite complex with numerous marketing channel like Youtube, Bing, Google, etc, multiple locations, devices, and seasonality, increased competition across brand and shopping activity, complex bidding rules, and integration of automated bidding management system, and lastly, whole loads of data for perfection. 

However, mastering the PPC Services is not at all easy. Whether you are a newbie or an already established PPC Service providing expert, following these 7 tips would help you boost the results of the ad campaigns. So without taking much of your time, let us begin:

1- Campaign and Account Settings:

Every business is different in terms of the desired set of goals, ad spend budget and the duration of running the ads. Hence, you need to make the best of them all in order to maximize the scale of returns on investments. There are 3 different settings in your account that you need to make in order to boost the performance. 

  • The first one is the location. If you want to increase your conversion rate or want a maximum number of people to take the desired action then you must target your audience from a particular location only. For instance, you are an eCommerce website and have the shipping capacity of pan India. Then you must target the audience across India and not beyond the geographical locations of India. 
  • The second factor is the type of devices. Ensuring that you are targeting the correct or most popularly used devices is also a parameter to ensure success in no time. Nowadays, people are searching for their queries from their cellular devices. And if your ads aren’t mobile responsible and friendly, then you will end up losing a lot of money that would have been used otherwise. 
  • Lastly, the third factor is automatic ad rotation. A lot of digital marketers leave this thing on Google to do it for them but you must not overlook its importance in boosting your overall performance of the PPC ad campaigns. 

2- Automated Bid Management System:

Google is becoming smarter and smarter with each passing day. If you want you can now let Google bid on your behalf for a higher ad position on the SERPs. However, it is important to note that automated bid management systems won’t work well if you have a comparatively smaller ad spend budget. It is simply because Google prioritizes ranking high on the SERPs and overlooks several other important aspects. 

Moreover, the power of bidding your own bet will always stay with you. In such methods, you will be able to take all other important aspects into considerations. 

3- Data Integrations:

Integrating your Google ads and analytics account will give you a clear idea about the real-time performance of your ad campaign and builds a database of positive and negative strategies for further campaigns. 

Moreover, it will also help you identify how many visitors that are coming to your website or landing page are actually taking the desired course of action. What is the average time people are spending on your site with every visit, what is the bounce rate of the website, etc are some questions that need to be answered and will be answered by the integration of both? 

4- Audience Data:

Data related to your audience is also gathered for your future campaigns. Information like the geographic locations, age, gender, income groups, devices used, etc is gathered for you to strategically plan your next campaign and boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. 

5- Efficiency of Generic Keywords:

As far as Google PPC campaigns are considered, keywords play a vital role. Actually, keywords play an important role generally in the entire digital marketing industry irrespective of whether you are promoting your business through paid media channels or are attracting traffic organically to your site by optimizing the site as per the algorithms of the respective search engines. 

You have to smartly plan your keywords for ad copies, headlines, subheadings, taglines, etc for better and improved efficiency of the videos. 

6- Effective and Efficient Account Structure:

The success of your ad campaigns will solely depend on the efficiency of your ad account. A broader structure will reduce unnecessary and undesired wastage. Here are a few tips you must follow to enhance the efficiency of your account structure. 

  • Ensure your ad campaigns are split into by-products or categories. 
  • Your main broad phase keyword should have its own ad campaign. 
  • Build single keyword ad groups wherever there is a place for the same.
  • Bifurcate your campaigns by their match types.

7- Attribution:

Attributions are referred to as a factor that analyzes the performance of your ad campaigns and identifies various touchpoints that have a direct influence on the conversion rates. You can use the information derived from this to influence your bidding rules. Understand and analyze the performance of the same to ensure what works the best and has the potential to work even better. 


All the points mentioned above will ensure that you reap boosted returns from your PPC services.