August 14, 2022


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5 things you have to think about CIMA’s Strategic Study Exam

CIMA’s Strategic Case Study Exam

For the new Strategic Case Study, there are 5 things we think about which will be essential to all Strategic Students.

These are:

1) There are no estimations in the

Case Study Exam

HURRAH yell some of you! All things considered, it’s not all uplifting news… Calculations in the old T4 test were a distinct territory where imprints could be picked up. In the new SCS test, the overall prerequisites will be less explicit and harder to “learn”. This will make improving more earnestly because you may be at a misfortune to find where you are coming up short. Getting input on your Mock Exam contents for the new Case Study Exam will consequently be fundamental to guarantee you are getting all the rights focuses and correctly noting them!

2) Technical information on the hypothesis from F3, P3 and E3 schedules will be required

You can’t overlook the specialized material currently you’ve passed your CIMA E3 Exam Preparation, F3, and P3 tests. You’ve despite everything got to be acquainted with it as you will be required to utilize it in this test. On the off chance that you’ve recently fizzled T4, you should return and amend these subjects as you’ll require more explicit information than you accomplished for T4. You’ll have to utilize your insight with regards to the contextual analysis organization and the particular new data gave. The application will be the key, as opposed to just having the option to express the hypothesis. The most appropriate answers will utilize hypothetical information in blend with more extensive investigation and business discernment. With specialized abilities totaling 25% of the test, this is a crucial component to passing.

3) There is present material delivered 7 weeks before the test – you should break down the material and have a full comprehension of it

In the test, you assume the job of an individual from staff, in all probability a ranking director for the situation study association, and your investigation and prescribed techniques are required to be as astute about contextual analysis organization as it would be about your association.

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4) Creating a reasonable answer content will be vital to passing

There are 4 learning results for the Strategic Case Study (SCS): specialized, business, individuals, and initiative abilities. Every one of these rules speaks too generally 25% of the imprints in the test and as such you have to see how the imprints are granted for each and how to compose your answers decently. Your answer could be great, yet you’ll get close to 25% in the test if that is everything to your content!

5) There is no getting away from the console!

All CIMA tests will be PC focus based. For the Case Study Exam CIMA demand that this test isn’t a trial of composing speed and that a normal composting rate of 20 words for every moment will find you a solution sufficiently long to pass. While that might be valid, our experience of PC based contextual analyses (returning to 2006 when they were presented) is that more extended contents ordinarily show a more prominent degree of profundity, which will score more focuses. Consequently, you will plan to type as fast as possible and compose as much as possible without settling on the nature of your work.